Day: January 26, 2017

It’s Finally Here: Lightsaber Martial Arts!

Yes, you read that title right – lightsaber martial arts. As in, lightsabers from Star Wars. No, the lightsabers aren’t real – that’s not a thing, period. But, you can now train and have your skills honed just in case lightsabers ever do become a thing or you could always apply your skill to using a real sword (highly not recommended). The program is called Silver Sabers and it was set up by Faisal Ahmed Mian and Nick Musson.
The purpose is to teach children focus, restraint and responsibility through one of the most imaginably fun methods possible – light saber duels. The LED light sabers that get used are made from polycarbonate (not carbonite Star Wars fans) tubes so the worst injury could be a bruise. However, with great instruction and the close watch of the instructors that very rarely happens. The classes have now also extended to adults as well. The popularity has exploded as one might imagine.
Another benefit is that is also a great workout. Faisal says that the classes provide cardio style training as well as strength training while also showing students how to use both in conjunction with each other. Overall, the most important part of the classes is mindfulness, according to Faisal, because it’s the pillar on which all the other useful traits the class develops are built. Unfortunately, these classes are currently only available in the United Kingdom but they may soon be coming to America – Chandler AZ could be the first US location to offer such classes!