Month: February 2017

Blind Man Earns Third Degree Black Belt

Chris Nicol is blind AND he has very poor hearing to boot but he has accomplished what was thought by many to be impossible – he has mastered martial arts and has earned his third degree black belt. He started his training in martial arts almost fifteen years ago. He started his journey in karate before he went blind with mitochondria disease about ten years ago which helped him see and memorize the moves before he no longer had the opportunity to.
He started his training fifteen years back but also took time out from training to spend more time with his wife and children (Yes, he also has raised a beautiful family and has a pet dog as well). But he still did the impossible, went back to training, and earned his third degree black belt about a month ago in Scotland.
Nicol has also won several medals in the past in international competition in the special needs section. His long list of accomplishments in the face of incredibly improbable odds is truly incredible. He has always been quite humble regarding his accomplishments as well – he has always shown great sportsmanship and really respected his opponents as well as been very humble in his victories.