Month: March 2017

Woman From Egypt Beats The Odds & Practices Martial Arts In A Wheelchair

An Egyptian woman has been challenging the idea of “possible” by not only training in martial arts from a wheelchair but also advancing in rank fairly consistently. Eman Mourad has been training consistently since 2014 and has already earned her black belt even though she has been wheelchair bound since shortly after birth. She has also gone on to receive several awards for her achievements in martial arts as well.
She got into martial arts after her friend, who is completely blind, won an award for his training back in 2014. One thing led to another and, before you know it, Mourad was training martial arts on a semi-daily basis. However, after training for a little while she found herself discouraged and wanted to quit. But, after some encouragement from her family and friends she decided to continue on with training and, eventually, earned her first rank promotion.
It was at this point that everything came together for Mourad. She started training no less than ten hours every week, following a better diet, and started to take swimming lessons as well even though she was afraid of water.
Now, she took on the biggest challenge of her martial arts career: training with regular, able-bodied adults. This was an incredibly difficult task for Mourad, as you could imagine, because, logistically, every last technique is near-impossible to perform between a wheelchair bound person and an able-bodied adult. However, she stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park. She continued to earn rank promotions and is now eyeing competing in the 2020 Olympics!